Frank Smulders tastes our wines

I have known Jordi Miró since 1996 in his role as “export manager” at Vinícola del Priorat. Since then we have kept in touch and met regularly in Priorat, at wine fairs and in his hometown, Corbera d’Ebre in Terra Alta.

Certainly, I have witnessed his first steps as a “winemaker” here and I have seen how he has gradually evolved into an interesting, serious and high quality producer in this lesser known Denomination in southern Catalonia.

They are different, a bit idiosyncratic, sometimes even experimental, but they show “terroir”, they are true representatives of Terra Alta.

It has been a pleasure tasting your current range of wines, including those made by your talented young daughte.

Frank Smulders

“Europe’s leading wine educator”
Master of Wine desde 1992
WSET educador para nivel 3 y 4


The wines that I have tasted:



Ennak Blanco

Ennak +

Garnacha Blanca

Garnacha Syrah


Naturalment Blanc by Andrea Miró

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