About Vinícola del Priorat

Vinicola del Priorat is an original winery in Priorat, located in Gratallops, 150km southwest of Barcelona.

The history of Vinícola del Priorat, started in 1917 with the cooperativist movement. In 1991, four cooperatives took the decision to build the current installations and join forces in a single cooperative.

The current Vinícola del Priorat is the merger of the cooperatives from El Lloar, Gratallops, La Vilella Alta and La Vilella Baixa.

The owners are the 125 members, between them they have around 205 hectares of vineyards, distributed in more than 300 small parcels, located in all four villages. The production of grapes is around 400.000 kg of red grapes (main) and white grapes, representing the 10% of the total production in the PRIORAT D.O.C.

The management of the cooperative is professional, we take the decisions and work to offer the best result to the members. The staff, we are:

– Mr. Quim Sabaté (Manager)

– Mr. Jordi Miró (Director)

– Ms. Sandra Estévez (Winemaker)

The members are also producers of olives. We make olive oil, with 100% “arbequina” variety and it is guaranteed by the D.O.P. SIURANA.

We have some differents activities, over the four villages:

-At Gratallops, there is the head office, the winery and a wine & food gourmet shop. Recently, we took over the management of a hostal, infront of the winery.

-At La Vilella Baixa, 4 km from Gratallops, we have the conditioned warehouse where we keep the filled bottles and the barrels room. Also,we have a wine & food shop.

-At La Vilella Alta, 4 km from La Vilella Baixa and 8 km from Gratallops, we have a mill to make our “arequina” olive oil.

-At El Lloar, 4 km from Gratallops. In this village we have another business, where we offer to other wineries a warehouse to keep their wine (bottled), a logistic center.

All our wines are guaranteed by the PRIORAT D.O.C. and our oils by de D.O.P. SIURANA.